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 Trained Security Guards

Our security guards are of the highest calibre. Ongoing training programmes ensure that the guards understand the clients' needs, and can  quickly adapt to any situation. By knowing how to analyse risks and make effective strategic decisions our security guards avoid risks developing into problems.

Special Event Security

TSU uniformed security guards are highly regarded for their professionalism. Security Guarding services are provided to corporations, private and residential home functions and events nationwide. Our security guards and supervisors are highly competent, dedicated officers. Their expertise ranges from basic security functions to crisis management and emergency response. They are also well versed in emergency medical procedures.

Security Guards

Security Guards

Security Guards

Security Guarding Service

Minimising security risks is essential in today's business environment. Failure to choose the right security partner can result in situations where your assets, property and even the lives of your personnel are placed at risk. Be confident with TSU as your security partner. Professional attention to detail, superior training techniques and our business ethics are unequalled in the security industry. 

One of South Africa's Leading Security Guarding Companies

At TSU we are serious about the services that we offer. We make sure that the services we sell you suit your exact requirements. We study and analyse your requirements before a contract commences. This ensures that our guards are placed where they are best suited and their strengths can be maximised. Officers, who are not suited to your needs will never be placed on a detail.

Incentivised to Perform

All TSU Security Guards are on an in-house personnel incentive programme to ensure they remain motivated and focused. They are incentivised to treat each detail as if their own lives and assets depend on the successful outcome. Our supervisiors constantly monitor each officer's performance and will replace a security guard if another officer is more suited to the client's needs.

Contact TSU today and be confident that you are partnering with one of South Africa's leading security guarding companies.

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