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TSU Protection services has African roots with well established networks throughout the African continent. Relationships with numerous international security companies has exposed TSU to  international methodologies and clients.

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Security Risk Analysis Strategy

TSU Protection Services has unequalled market intelligence in Africa. Our deeply rooted network throughout the African continent has been meticulously nurtured and built up over decades.

A carefully selected team of experts in the research and analysis fields, ensures that we are able to accurately gather and interpret up to the minute information. We formulate this information into a comprehensive risk analysis strategy, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Analyse, Assess and Manage Your Risks

Look before your leap into any new business activity in unfamiliar areas, regions or countries. To avoid unforeseen pitfalls you need up-to-date and accurate information.  With our network of contacts, we can provide you with detailed survey reports, analysis and risk assessments.

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Security Risk Analysis and Risk Management

TSU Security Consulting division offer a comprehensive security risk analysis service which ensures that your risks are reduced and managed effectively. TSU have a reputation for delivering on their clients needs. Our blue-chip clients are testimony to our ability to deliver excellent service from highly qualified experts.

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Wide Range of Risk Management Services

The sophisticated skills of our professionals enable us to offer a wide range of risk management services:

  • due diligence
  • security risk analysis
  • corporate theft
  • fraud
  • unauthorized product matters
  • analysis of internal corporate security requirements

Our experienced consultants will investigate your existing security measures and test their effectiveness. After thoroughly analysing the results against our own strict criteria, we will compile a comprehensive report detailing recommendations. A team of experts will restructure your existing systems and implement the required changes.

We have  exceptionally high standards and service levels, and ensure ongoing risk security management through regular follow-up procedures, designed to expose flaws in systems and personnel.

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