Polygraph and Investigation Services

Our team of experts is trained in Forensic Psychophysiology from the best colleges in the world. TSU offers investigators with backgrounds in Murder and Robbery, Organized crime, Office of Serious Economic Crime, Public Prosecutors and South African Revenue Service that can be considered as expert witnesses with a wide field of expertise in criminal, financial and corporate investigations. This unit can deploy in South Africa or in any country in the world and are affiliated to the American Polygraph Association which allows them to work legally in almost every country in the world.

TSU Protection Services offer the following comprehensive polygraph and investigation services:

  • Pre-employment – vetting and screening
  • Periodic testing of staff
  • Employee drug testing – individual or mass screening
  • Professional polygraphs – Truth verification and confirming statements
  • Specific incident testing and investigation – theft, fraud and infidelity
  • Evidence collection and investigative leads
  • Finding stolen property – Hijacked vehicles and cargo
  • Loss control through background investigations of staff
  • Any type of criminal or private investigation

Core Functions

One of this units core functions are to do quality control on all our employees. Our own staff is subjected to these same investigations on a regular basis in an effort to deliver an incomparable service to all our clients in every aspect of TSU’s business. All work done by this unit is independently verified to be ethical and fair towards all parties involved.

Forensic psychophysiologist is trained by:

  • Charles Slupski – President of the American polygraph Association
  • Estelle Pretorius – Director American International Institute of Polygraph (SA)

We have members that are formally trained in Interview and Interrogation techniques by:

  • Dr. Micki Pistorius – Renowned Psychologist involved with profiling South Africa’s most infamous serial killers
  • Dr. Kobus Jonker – Retired commander of the South African Police Occult unit

The Polygraph and Investigating unit works closely with the rest of TSU branches and forms part of the one comprehensive security package that TSU offers.
Polygraph examiners are members of the South African Polygraph and American Polygraph Associations


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