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There is a Global need to develop and establish a professional operational oil, gas and maritime security service capability in Africa. TSU is an accredited and respected security firm with a head office based in South Africa and an established operational maritime security service capability on the African continent. The ultimate goal of this project is to see the placement of well trained, professional and qualified operators with understanding of the maritime, oil, gas industry and African culture, able to deliver high end, professional and competitive cost effective services.

High Calibre Training Programmes

All TSU agents are trained according to our own highly specialised training programmes developed by specialised ex-police and military units. Our instructors work closely with those from International companies, exchanging information on a regular basis to ensure the strictest standards are maintained.

All agents undergo intensive training sessions to ensure they are always focused and sharp. Our attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. Agents are selected to ensure their suitability for particular tasks, enabling our clients to go about their business without concern or disruption. Agents are constantly monitored by our Operations Managers, specifically when working assigned details. This ensures the high standards required are rigidly maintained.

Selection and Screening of Agents

Our screening and selection process is regarded as one of the toughest in the security industry. Only individuals who conform to the strict criteria of our screening process will make it through to the selection phase. Their character is examined to ensure they possess sound judgment, maturity and discretion. Only the best are chosen. Less than five percent of candidates, who make it through to the selection phase are selected for the rigorous training phase, where they are trained to deal effectively with any situation that could be a threat to the safety of the client.

TSU will provide your company with risk advisors and professional security personnel on-board commercial vessels. Their primary role will be to advise the vessel’s Master and crew, on the implementation of measures to deter or prevent the approach, boarding and seizure of a vessel by pirates or other hostile groups. These standards will be in line with clients’ operational specifics, corporate compliance and international maritime regulations.

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