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 Executive Support from Specialised Security Agents

TSU has a reputation for delivering a close protection security service of the highest standard. Due to this reputation, clients have requested a new generation agent. This agent's duties are no longer just executive protection (bodyguarding), but now include the family and assets.

Duties of an Executive Security Agent

The duties of the executive security agent extend to the inconveniences that a family experiences from day to day. This agent has skills in logistics, weapons, emergency medical response, international languages, tactical driving, communications, armaments and special intelligence.

Why use an Executive Security Agent?

Our clients travel a lot and usually the family is left alone at home. While away, a myriad of things can go wrong - a burglary, broken intercom, broken geyser, blocked drain, electricity failure. The executive security agent will take care of all problems promptly! He is like your personal assistant, but capable of doing so much more! 

Executive Support for CEOs and Senior Managers

CEOs and senior managers who are often on the road can also take advantage of the Executive Support service. Roadside assistance, household assistance and airport assistance are offered to you and your immediate family.

Executive Support Services

Executive Support Services

Executive Security handles all your Emergencies

The executive security agents have a broad support structure to assist them in their work. Through a central control room the executive security agents have immediate access to a number of services including 24 medical emergency support, police and fire departments and local municipality services.

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