Tactical Training Courses

TSU Protection Services offers 2 tactical training courses - the Urban Survival Course and the Rural Survival Course.

Tactical Training 1 and 2

This Urban Survival Course is aimed at Military and Police departments and teaches the principles of urban warfare. The basic course has a duration of 3 weeks, and the advanced course a duration of 4 weeks.

Basic Course

  • Urban movement
  • Scaling techniques
  • Penetration team set up
  • Penetration team dynamics
  • Cover and concealment
  • Penetration techniques
  • Communication
  • Shooting techniques

Advanced Course

  • Advance movement techniques
  • Advance scaling techniques
  • Rope work - Abseiling
  • Advance penetration techniques - Explosives
  • Use of distraction devices
  • Planning
  • Command and control
  • Communication
  • Advance equipment
  • Chopper drills
  • Fast rope deployment


Security Training

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Johan Fryer
Tel: + 27 (0)12 663 4343
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Accredited by South African Police to conduct Competency Training and Testing in the use of handguns, shotgun, rifle and carbine for skills development
* SASSETA Edication and Training Service Provider
* SASSETA Assessor
* SASSETA Moderator
SAQA is responsible for overseeing and regulating NQF and the B Level FRamework on which all qualifications and standards are registered.
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PFTC is a professional body which serves to quality assure firearm training standards in all disciplines.