Marksmanship Course

TSU Protection Services offers a 10 day marksmanship course.

Course Content for the Marksmanship Course


  • Stocks
  • Barrels
  • Packing


  • Objective size
  • Lens quality
  • Exit pupil
  • Clicks system
  • Rings
  • Intensification

Bullets and Balistics

  • Bullet shapes
  • Bullet compositions
  • Bullet Accuracy
  • Bullet trajectory
  • Environmental influences

System Set-Up

  • Mounting the telescope
  • Eye relief
  • Focusing your telescope o Bore sighting
  • Stock adjustment

Getting to Know the System on the Range

  • 25-100 m shooting with click system set up.
  • Zeroing the rifle at desired distance.
  • Getting to know the bullet drop compensator up to 400m

Basic Shooting Techniques

  • Fundamentals of shooting o Shooting positions
  • Support your shooting
  • Breathing
  • Shot placement-Instant incapacitation

Advanced Shooting Techniques

  • Shooting up and down
  • Shooting with a sling
  • Snap shooting
  • Bi pod shooting
  • Mono stick.

Camouflage And Movement

  • Cover and concealment
  • Camouflage principles
  • Rural movement principles
  • Basic field craft


  • Choosing a position
  • Building a hide
  • Operations in the hide
  • Camouflaging your hide


Security Training

Course Content (continued)

Range And Wind Estimation

  • Unconventional methods
  • GPS
  • Maps
  • Environmental indicators

Operational Deployment

  • Small game Hunt

Equipment Needed

  • Licensed Rifle (Rifle with telescope can be provided at extra cost)
  • Telescope
  • Ammunition- a minimum of 300 rounds
  • Rifle bag or carry case
  • Bi pod if available
  • Binoculars if available
  • GPS if available
  • Range finder if available
  • Ear protection- will be provided
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Shooting mat if available-will be provided
  • Spotting scope if available

Cost for the Marksmanship Course

The cost of this course is R 20 790.00 (excl. VAT) per person.


  • Lectures
  • Range Fees
  • Weekend in the Hunting Field with accommodation and meals + Impala


  • Rifle and Telescope (Can be provided at an extra cost of R2500.00)
  • Ammunition (Can be provided at an extra cost of R 20.00 per round)
  • Accommodation whilst on course

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Course Dates

  • Date to be advised

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Chris Beukes
Tel: + 27 12 653 8955
Fax: + 27 86 609 0614
South Africa Police Accredited by SASSETA SAQA recognised     Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa City and Guilds
Accredited by South African Police to conduct Competency Training and Testing in the use of handguns, shotgun, rifle and carbine. SAQA accredited training:
* Use of Handgun
* Use of Shotgun
* Use of Rifle
* Use of Carbine
SAQA accreditations:
* ETDP Assessor
* SASSETA Assessor
* SASSETA Education & Training Service Provider
PSIRA Number: (Private Security Regulation Authority of South Africa)
* 1052243
Accredited by City & Guilds, the benchmark for skills development