Basic Tactical Training
     Officer Safety and Survival 1

TSU Protection Services offers a basic and an advanced tactical training course. The tactical training courses are aimed at military and police departments and teach the principles of urban warfare. The basic course has a duration of 12 days.

Course Content for Tactical Training 1

  • Situational awareness
  • Mental preparation
  • Tactical operators role and responsibilities
  • Tactical equipment
  • Weapons system and functioning
  • Firearm and range safety procedures
  • Fundamentals of accurate shooting
  • Target identification
  • Draw, cock and fire
  • Immediate action drills
  • Tactical magazine changes
  • Transition drills
  • Engaging targets front, left, right and rear
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Shooting from behind barricades
  • Tactical movement to and from cover
  • Approach the entry point
  • Slicing the pie
  • Single operator room entries
  • Shooting in low and no light conditions
  • Vehicle seating positions
  • Tactical embus and debus
  • Shoot from a static vehicle
  • Suspect vehicle stops
  • Approach of a suspect vehicle
  • Suspect extraction
  • Search & arresting techniques
  • Unarmed combat and weapon retention


Security Training

Cost of the Basic Tactical Training Course

Option 1: R 30 531.60 (excl. 14% VAT) - Includes:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Range and track fees
  • Training material and certificates
  • Tactical jumpsuit

Option 2: R 35 931.60  (excl. 14% VAT) - Includes:

  • All of the above mentioned
  • Meals and accommodation

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Course Dates

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South Africa Police Accredited by SASSETA SAQA recognised     Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa City and Guilds
Accredited by South African Police to conduct Competency Training and Testing in the use of handguns, shotgun, rifle and carbine. SAQA accredited training:
* Use of Handgun
* Use of Shotgun
* Use of Rifle
* Use of Carbine
SAQA accreditations:
* ETDP Assessor
* SASSETA Assessor
* SASSETA Education & Training Service Provider
PSIRA Number: (Private Security Regulation Authority of South Africa)
* 1052243
Accredited by City & Guilds, the benchmark for skills development