Advanced Driver Training

Objective of the Advanced Driver Training Course

TSU provides a 2 day advanced driving course. The objective of this course is to create a more confident, alert and courteous driver by improving your general levels of awareness and skills.

  • Confidence is established by improving your skills and increasing your level of understanding through practical guidance.
  • Alertness is created through an anticipative and defensive state of mind enabling you to respond in the correct instinctive manner to any hazardous driving situation.
  • Courteousness is developed by recognizing your own and the vehicles limitations in a controlled environment.

Outcomes of the Advanced Driver Training Course

  • Introduction to advanced driving
  • Vehicle checks exterior - interior - weekly
  • Sitting and steering position
  • Brake recognition:
    • Stopping distances
    • Two different surfaces braking
    • Cadence braking
  • Loss and regain of control:
    • Skidding
    • Under steer
    • Over steer
    • Emergency lane change
  • Aquaplaning:
    • Steering through water
  • The system of car control:
    • Negotiating bends
    • Braking and gear selection
    • Steering through corners


Security Training

Cost of the Advanced Driver Training Course

The cost of this course (excl VAT:

  • Course Only (2 days) R 9 150.88
  • Advanced driving with Security Driver R 15 000
  • Security Driver Training only R 6 000
  • Accommodation per day R 450

 The courses includes:

  • Vehicles and fuel
  • Track and range fees
  • Coffee, tea, beverages and lunch
  • VAT

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Course Dates

  • 14 Nov – 15 Nov 2015

Contact Details

Chris Beukes
Tel: + 27 12 653 8955
Fax: + 27 86 609 0614

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