About TSU Protection Services

One of the Leading Private Security Companies in South Africa

TSU Protection Services was formed in 1999, to address a gap in the private security market in South Africa for highly trained professionals. TSU Protection Services offers exceptionally high standards and service levels. Because of our reputation for excellence we have been approached by International Security Companies to represent them in Africa.

Choosing Your Security Company

Minimising security risks is essential in today's business environments. Failure to choose the right security partner can result in situations where your assets, property and even the lives of your personnel are placed at risk. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our members undergo a strict selection and training process based on the methodologies used by specialised units in the South African Police and Military.

Our broad blue-chip client base bears testimony to our ability to ensure that our clients' needs are met and their security risks reduced. A broad base of expertise, experience and resoures ensures that we deliver the best results attainable for each assignment. The sophisticated skills of our highly qualified team of experts combined with their commitment to excellence further add value and often create additional opportunities for our clients.

Sound Business Ethics

At TSU Protection Services we will only commit to a potential project or a contract if we know that we can meet and deliver the requirements according to our own unique high standards and service levels. A project will never be accepted unless we are sure that we have the resources to deliver.

We work closely with the official law enforcement agencies and adhere strictly to the letter of the law, a boundary that will never be overstepped.

A project will never be accepted from a client who does not conform to the same ethics and principles that we do.


Chris BeukesChris Beukes - Chairman
Chris is a former member of the South African Police Services. He was a member of the South African Police Special Task Force. He was involved in the planning and execution of numerous operations. He left the unit in January 1999 and started TSU Protection Services (PTY) Ltd in February 1999.
His security experience includes working as a Security Advisor too many fortune 500 companies, tasked with the protection of many CEO's and other VIP clients. He has consulted many corporate executives and corporate companies with security plans. The company was involved in protection and security work for clients during the Soccer World Cup in South Africa, as well as overseeing the execution of the security plan.

He has brought many high calibre experience security specialists into the TSU Group Holdings - Group. Many were previous colleagues from the SAPS Special Task Force, Presidential and VIP Units. Not only are services rendered to local companies but TSU Group Holdings provide services to some of the largest companies in the world; mobile, law firms, mining industry, IT companies, retail companies, bank groups etc.
With 26 years of experience in the security field he has built the company to 1700 full time permanent employees. He is also on the Board of Directors of TSU Protection Services, TSU International SA, TSU Protection Services Namibia, TSU International UK, A.M. Security, TSU Protect and TSU Training Solutions which all form part of TSU Group Holdings.

Xanti BamXanti Bam - Director
In 1995 he co-founded Aza Day & Night Security, initially this was a small company that was turning over less than R50 000 a month in an industry that was at that time, controlled by a few dominant role-players. At that time, very few black people had ventured into this highly competitive and cutthroat industry and fewer still possessed the necessary experience or qualifications to guide us. During this period the company employed a secretary, one administrative assistant and twelve security personnel. By 2000, the business boasted a personnel compliment of over 500 with an annual turnover of approximately R28M per annum. At this time, his company was also the third largest, black-owned and operated security firm in the Western Cape.

During this period he consulted, advised and rendered security services to the following fields: Retail, Commercial and Industrial Guarding, Closed Circuit TV systems (CCTV), Risk and Threat Analysis. In 2005, he started a new and much smaller security company (Azania Security Coastal CC) which is focused on servicing niche institutional as well as private clientele in the Western Cape. In 2007 he completed a Postgraduate Qualification in Business Management (PDBA) at the UCT Graduate School of Business. He has served on the boards of The Security Association of South Africa (SASA – Western Cape) as well as on the Western Cape Black Security Association (WECSA).

He currently serves on the board and is a director of TSU Protection Services as well as on the board of A.M. Security. Whilst he has accumulated 16 years of industry knowledge, skills and experience, he still finds the industry fascinating, particularly the ways in which software and technology have increased our ability to add value to our clients.

Louis BreytenbachLouis Breytenbach - General Manager
Louis Breitenbach joined the South West Africa Defence Force in 1988 and served in the Infantry Battalion in South West Africa, where after he joined the South African Police Service in 1989 at the end of the year, here he became an instructor at the South African Police Training College in Pretoria. During this time multiple members were trained and developed by him. He also trained students in multiple disciplines, amongst others, drill, PT, self-defence, musketry and equestrian disciplines.

In 2010 he joined the private security industry as a training manager and shortly thereafter became a General Manager. During this time he led his team combatting various serious and violent crimes in this industry. He joined TSU Protection Services in 2013 as a Site Manager at SBSA Rosebank. He thereafter went through the ranks with TSU and in 2017 he was appointed General Manager.

He has proven to be an asset to the company through his dedicated professional approach and experience that he brings to the table.

Johannes MatjilaJohannes Matjila - Regional Manager
Johannes started in 2005 as a security guard with TSU. He later moved over to become a Tactical Officer in 2007. His dedication and commitment to the company allowed assisted him in being promoted as the Areas Supervisor in the guarding division in 2009 and as Area manager in 2011. His experience over the years creates for an impressive profile and knowledge base that allowed Johannes the opportunity to be promoted to Regional Manager in Gauteng. Johannes is a great asset to the company and a wonderful example of the success that true dedication and commitment can bring an individual.

Retief CoetzeeRetief Coetzee - Operations Manager – Executive Protection
Retief was a member of the Special Task Force in South Africa for 12 years. He worked in the Counter Terrorist Unit that dealt with terrorist situations and high risk tasks in and outside the borders of South Africa. Retief left the unit in 2002 and worked for Security Companies as a manager in various specialised fields. Retief’s work experience include; SA Police Services, SA Police Services Special Task Force, Suricat Services - Regional Crime Manager Security, Manager Operations - Contracted to Nedbank Ltd. Group Safety and Security Services, Protea Coin Group - Serious & Violent crime Investigator - Contracted to Nedbank Ltd, Vusela Risk Services Pty Ltd: Manager Operations. In 2019 Retief was promoted as Operations Manager for TSU Protection Services that forms part of TSU Group Holdings.

Wian WesselsWian Wessels - Operations Manager – Tactical Support Teams
Wian joined the SA Army Infantry straight after school. During this time, he was involved in numerous military operations which included in the stabilizing of Bophuthatswana, Mmabatho unrest during the 1994 elections and numerous unrest situations within the borders of SA. He was further involved in various border operations including Mozambique, Swaziland and the Botswana borders. He was appointed as Company Commander for the SA contingent deployed in Darfur, Northern Sudan under the United Nations, and as an Acting Officer Commander of 10 SA Infantry Battalion, whereby the Battalion was deployed across SA borders in conducting military operations. He was qualified as a Combat Team Commander for the deployment of all Infantry forces in conjunction with all other Arms of Service within the SANDF. He is also a qualified Assessor, Moderator and Firearm instructor for all civilian firearm categories. After 23 years in the military he joined the Private Security Industry and was appointed in different roles as instructor, and various management positions. Wian joined TSU in 2019 as Operations Manager - Tactical for TSU Protection Services.

Peet Viljoen Peet Viljoen - Head of Polygraph & Investigations
Peet is a former member of the South African Police service with vast experience in criminal investigations. He began his career at a young age as a detective in the criminal investigation department and progressed through the ranks until his retirement at the rank of Brigadier holding the position of Regional Chief of Crime Prevention and Investigation for the Pretoria region. He also served in the murder and robbery unit and vehicle theft unit for a number of years.

During his tenure as regional commander he also managed the operations of the narcotics unit, commercial fraud unit, stock theft unit and gold and diamond unit in the region.

During the span of his career, Peet was often appointed by head office to investigate several high profile cases all over the country which he was able to complete successfully, and for which he was commended by the Commissioner of Police.

He achieved his BA Degree in Police Science and a BA Hons. Degree in Physical Security from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and thereafter became a part -time subject matter expert in Criminal Investigations at the Technicon RSA. He was subsequently offered a position in the Police Science and Criminology Faculty of the University of South Africa (UNISA) where he served as a part time lecturer until late in 1995 he founded a specialist fraud investigation unit for one of South Africa’s largest short term insurers with the objective to manage and prevent insurance fraud. He served as Head of Fraud Investigations for 17 years, and received awards for outstanding service on two occasions.

During his time as Insurance Fraud Investigator he became a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) as well as the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI), he also identified the need for an Insurance Crime Bureau and subsequently played a pivotal role in the establishment of the South African Insurance Crime Bureau.(SAICB) in which he served on the Board of Directors.

Peet joined TSU International as Head of Investigations in 2015 and he is a great asset to the Company.

Pierre BekkerPierre Bekker - TSU Technical Solutions
Pierre has an extensive background in Information Technology, Close Protection, Law Enforcement as well as the Health and Safety Environment. Some of Pierre’s qualifications and training has been in; MCSE 2012, Project Management, Legal Knowledge - HSE, Occupational Hygiene Assistant, SAMTRAC, ASHEPP, HIRA as well as an accreditation by the South African Institute for Occupational Hygiene - SAIOH. His experience as an Authorized Inspection Authority (AIA - DOL) in the field of Occupational Hygiene, Environmental monitoring and Health & Safety consulting as well as Project Management adds great value to TSU Technical Solutions as well as TSU Group Holdings.

Pearce de Klerk Pearce de Klerk - Operations Director: TSU Protect (Pty) Ltd
Pearce de Klerk is a multi-skilled individual with vast experience in the security operations and consulting industry across several business sectors in South Africa, other African countries and the Middle East. He has also held senior management positions in diamond mining and gold exploration operations in South Africa and Tanzania. Utilizing this wealth of knowledge and operational experience, Pearce currently manage TSU Protect (Pty) Ltd, a company providing niche electronic security solutions and applications, while at the same time play a leading role in Consulting Services across the TSU group of companies by conducting Security Risk Assessments, Security Audits, Crisis Management Advisory and developing tailor made physical security strategies for individuals and corporations. Pearce is a former member of the South African Police Service Special Task Force and holds a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree from the Southern Business School in South Africa. Operating from the Western Cape, he is also the owner of Stylesecure Home Improvement (Pty) Ltd, a company based on the West Coast specializing in stylish residential and commercial security barrier solutions.

Anton LumeAnton Lume - Chief Executive Officer
Anton Lume joined the Military Service in 1987 and served in 2 SAI Infantry Battalion in the South West Africa/ Angola in continuous action, mostly deep in Angola, where after he joined the South African Police Service in 1989 where he became an instructor at the South African Police Training College in Pretoria. His attention and instruction developed a number of police officers’ ethical baselines. He also trained students in multiple disciplines, amongst others, musketry, self-defence, drill and equestrian disciplines.

In 1997 he joined the private security industry as a training manager and shortly thereafter became a General Manager. During this time he led his team combatting various serious and violent crimes including high voltage cable protection and train violence. He joined TSU Protection Services in 2006 as General Manager, overseeing guarding, tactical and executive support divisions. In 2017 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer where he has created an environment oriented to trust and open communication, not only with his personnel but also with TSU’s clients.

He has proven to be an asset to the company through his professional approach and experience that he brings to the table.

Coenie Beukes Coenraad J. Beukes - Non-Executive Director
He is a former member of the South African Correctional Services where he served with distinction for 14 years. This time included a period on Robben Island, the famous prison where Madiba was held for most of his time in prison during the apartheid regime. The majority of his time he spent in the more rural areas where he was responsible for the management of the human resource and logistics at the correctional institutions he was deployed. He also managed the correction services house arrest management divisions at these institutions.

He joined TSU in 2004 and built the guarding division to what it is today. His responsibilities here include not only managing the guarding division, but also overseeing the administrative management at the companies head office in Cape Town. His experience in managing human resource and his uncompromising approach has been a large asset in ensuring that our service levels have stayed above the accepted norm in the market.

Wimpie Espag – Chief Operations Manager

As a young Policeman he started his career in the SAPS Special Task Force and was deployed as Operational member and Instructor. He commenced in rank from Constable to Senior Colonel and was appointed as Operational Section Commander, Acting National Training Commander and Operational Platoon Commander.

During his time as Operator, Duty Officer and Commander, he was confronted by loads of Hi-Risk Operations Nationwide. Hostage Dramas; Kidnappings; Bank Robberies; Cash in Transit Heists; Drug Seizures; Search and Rescue operations was at the order of the day. Service of the highest quality was provided to Specialized Police Units known as Murder and Robbery Unit, Internal Stability Units, Fire Arms Unit, Special Investigation Unit, Child Protection Unit, Anti-Corruption Unit, Anti Hi-Jacking Unit, Heath Special Investigations Unit, Endangered Species Unit, VIP- Protection Unit and other Police Units.

Not only was services rendered to the Local Community but also to certain International Countries like Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Botswana, Transkei, Swazi Land, Venda, etc. VIP- Protection played a huge role in meet and interview acting with Foreign Countries and Delegates especially during the African Union Summit and World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Protection was provided to Local State Presidents such as F.W De Klerk, RSA; Nelson Mandela, RSA; Thabo Mbeki, RSA and other State Presidents like Bill Clinton, USA; Fidel Castro, Cuba; Yasser Arafat, Palestine; Muammar Al Gadaffi, Libya and the State of the Vatican City, Pope Paulus . International Sport Teams like the World Rugby Team, 1989; All Black’s, 1992; Wallabies, 1992; French, 1994; Australian and other Cricket Teams part of the 2002 Cricket World Cup during their visit to South Africa was also looked after. As Special Task Force Instructor, he was utilized in training Basic and Advanced Fire arm Handling Techniques, Advanced Urban Survival Techniques, Physical Training, Advance Endurance Training and VIP-Protection Training.

Training was provided to Members of the Special Task Force, Current Operators and New Recruits; other SAPS Members; Members of the SANDF Special Forces; Members of the Directorate of Special Operations (Scorpions) and other Local and International Agencies.

Wimpie joined TSU in 2007 and was appointed as Head of Training. In this time he had been the driving force behind the TSU gaining City and Guilds accreditations. He also developed a number of specialized training courses including tactical training and crowd control courses, which had been accepted and approved by SASSETA. His experience and hands-on approach with an experienced team has ensured that TSU training remains a step “above the rest”. He was promoted to Director of TSU International in 2017. Due to his invaluable experience and Knowledge, Wimpie was asked to join TSU Protection Services as Chief Operation Officer in 2019.

Koos Van Rhyn – Operations Manager – Riot / Crowd Control

Koos van Rhyn was a former SA Police service member since - November 1982 and left the SAPS in 2012 on the rank of Colonel. Previous experience in the SAPS was visible policing in the Pretoria area where after he became an officer during 1990 and was deployed at Riot Unit Number 1 in Pretoria. He was commander of the reaction group who performed operations with Murder and Robbery, Vehicle theft, serious & violent crimes unit as well as attending to Crowd Management and Strikes.

Koos also performed duties for the African Union and United Nations in Darfur Sudan as the vispal operational commander during 2004. From 2004-2012 he was the head of visible policing at Hillbrow SAPS and also acted as station commander during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup.

2012-Sept 2019 – Koos van Rhyn was active at Red Ant Security relocation and Eviction Services (RASRE). He filled the post of deputy director operations and were responsible for operational planning of evictions, re-locations, Security and Guarding. He was also responsible for operational planning with SAPS Units and Sheriffs across South Africa. Koos was the operational commander in most of the major evictions, relocations and Security operations countrywide with assistance of the Sheriff.

As a senior officer from the SAPS with 30+ years’ service and 8 years’ security experience in operations, he will surely be an asset to the TSU Group Holdings and TSU Protection Service - Strike and Riot Unit.

Corne Vermeulen – Operations Manager – Tactical Support Teams
From 1989 till 2015 Corne qualified in various courses within SAPS ie; Riot & Crowd Control, S.W.A.T Special weapons and Techniques, Special Task Force Training – Weapon training, Bush Warfare, Reconnaissance & Anti-Rural Terrorism, Urban Tactics, Hostage Rescue, Parachute – Static line, Free Fall, Operational (day & night) jumps with over 950 jumps. Rock Climbing and rescue course, VIP protection Training (sniper/counter assault team deployments). Bomb Disposal and Explosive Training, Sniper/Counter Sniper’s Course, Urban Tactics Instructor Training, High Angle Rescue, IACP SWAT II Advanced Tactical Hostage Rescue Training. He also completed several Diving course, High Angle and Swift water rescue courses, Medical level I, II and III along with SAPS Officer’s Course, Hostage Negotiations Course, Use of Fire Arm – Train the Trainer, Advanced Crisis Response Team training, Dangerous weapon Act 15 – Train the Trainer along with several other masters/training Courses. Corne is also a qualified Range Officer, Tactical Range Officer and (SAQA) accredited.

His knowledge and experience and ability to teach what his learned over the years is invaluable to TSU Group Holdings.

Oupa Swanepoel – Head of Logistics
After 26 years in SAPD, Oupa left SAPD in 2005 as a Captain to go to Iraq where he Provided personal security and protective services to the Gulf Regional Division of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, as part of an international Security Services and Risk consultancy. Tier II Instructor/Mentor Baghdad Iraq. Responsibilities included, but not limited to: US Department of Defense. Tier 1 Security Advisor Mentor to the PSD Team of the Iraqi National Security Advisor: Dr Rubeia. Tier 1 Security Advisor/Mentor Baghdad for the Vice President of Iraq: Tariq Al – Hashimi.

He was also part of South African Police Special Task Force, operational as well as Logistics. Oupa’s experience contribute greatly to the success of TSU Group Holdings.

Johan Fryer – Director – TSU Training Solutions
Johan joined the South African Police Service in 1985. He was stationed at the SAPS Tshwane College itself and was utilized as a Musketry Instructor. In 1993 he did the Special Task Force Training course. He did his entire advance training courses during that same year and was utilized as a Special Task Force Operator during his time stationed at the unit. He was also intensively involved in developing courses for the SAPS, specialised units within the SAPS and other units. In 2006 he was transferred to the STF Operational Unit where he was utilized as a subject matter expert in the presentation of Rural Survival and Sniping courses presented as elective training for the unit’s first tier operators.

His operational experience involved numerous operations which have included the release of hostages from buildings the release of kidnapped hostages, apprehending armed and dangerous criminals, joint cross-border operations to destroy arms caches, deploying in a counter sniping during the protecting and visiting of numerous Heads of State and foreign dignitaries on official visits to South Africa, protecting the President of South Africa and numerous high risk operations as well. Johan joined TSU Training Solutions in 2016 as Head of Training & Education.

Sibulele Dondashe – Director – TSU Training Solutions
Sibulele Dondashe has sound knowledge and experience in the implementation and monitoring of compliance processess as well as legislative requirements for procurement. Sibulele holds a qualification in Financial Information Systems with experience in Supply chain management, contract management and compliance. Her understanding of technological systems aligned with her experience has proven to add great value to the organisation. Her passion is to provide guidance to company business units by Assisting in coordinating internal compliance reviews and monitoring activities, action plan development and monotoring new and existing legistlation to ensure corrective measures are in place that prevents non-compliance.

Other attributes and skill sets are;
  • Ensuring appropriate systems, processes and procedures are in place.
  • Providing compliance analysis support, workshops and communication.
  • Management of compliance committee and deliverables.
  • Serve as an advisor to all departments in procurement.
  • Ensure effective and efficient running of the tender processess.
After several years in the industry, Sibulele is a valueable asset to the company and offers a fresh strategic vision and Value to the business as a Director for TSU Training Solutions that also form part of TSU Group Holdings (PTY) Ltd.